A Little Pandemic Perspective

The enchanting Emmylou Harris and the late Gram Parsons once beautifully sang, among other things, about what some may have hoped for in a certain dark hour. While people today may not specifically wish for the vision and speed that the duo sang about in that particular tune in 1974, we are all hoping for […]

Marketing & Advertising Content Examples (ongoing updates)

Links to some videos published on Facebook that I conceptualized, shot and edited:   Recently published website content and marketing blog posts that I’ve created can be found here: http://www.paradigminteriorsllc.com http://www.greentownflooring.com http://www.carpetmartandmore.com http://www.townsquareflooring.com http://www.wallacebaxter.com http://www.wallacebaxter.com/category/blog/ Other content samples I’ve created, including feature stories, business profiles and landing page copy for businesses in various verticals are […]

Chappie’s Game

August 16, 1920 It was a hot one out there at the Polo Grounds. The stinging heat of the late summer day sliced right through the heavy wool uniforms we were wearing, soaking them with sweat and dirt until we felt like buttered toast. It was the top of the fifth inning. Boy, those damn […]

Few details exist about first Joliet vs. Cubs game

The following is non-edited, curated content from an article I wrote for the Joliet Herald-News, published on 2/21/19 (print version 2/12/19.) ORIGINAL: https://www.theherald-news.com/2019/02/08/few-details-exist-about-first-joliet-vs-cubs-game/aqzgk92/ The year 1875 fell in the middle of a renewal period for America. The Reconstruction Era was in full swing, and the nation was rebuilding itself in a time of business, industry […]

Joliet versus the Chicago White Sox — 108 years ago

The following is curated content from an article I wrote for the Joliet Herald-News, published on June 28, 2018.   ORIGINAL: http://www.theherald-news.com/2018/06/22/joliet-versus-the-chicago-white-sox-108-years-ago/aikfglm/ The Joliet Jolly-Ites played the Sox in 1910 at Dellwood Park By KEVIN TRUSTY June 28, 2018 Photo courtesy of Reno Caneva, author of the book “Dellwood Chronicles.”   Part one of our Locals […]

Angry Attack: Cubs’ visit to Rivals Park in 1920 marred by stabbing

The following is non-edited, curated content from a story I wrote that appeared in the Joliet Herald-News on March 21, 2018.  ORIGINAL: https://www.theherald-news.com/2018/03/19/cubs-visit-to-rivals-park-in-1920-was-marred-by-stabbing/ajuc6wc/   Joliet was a happening place nearly a century ago. With burgeoning local businesses and a strong sense of civic pride, plus the bonus of being a just short train ride to […]