Production Update, Hanging With Monster and Other Tidbits

Inching closer!

I returned from an errand last Friday to see a package tucked behind my front door. Inside was the first proof copy of Beyond Silence and Light.

Although not an official version – yet – I must admit it was still pretty cool to see a tangible result of the project, even if it’s just in the demo stage. Proof copies exist for a reason. Not only to see the book in a format other than the screen, but because text is simply different on the printed page. It’s not something illusory either – okay, it kind of is – but the illusion becomes reality when you read through it and pick up on a little error. And another. And a couple more. Going through a proof copy, you find tiny little things that most readers would miss, and that I myself missed when finalizing the manuscript – which was on the computer, and again, vastly different from the printed page. But I digress.

The little hiccups are being fixed, a new proof will be ready soon, and that means the official release is just around the corner. Stay very, very tuned.

Coming up on the 20th, I will be doing an appearance on my pal Jamie’s podcast, Hanging With Monster. It’s a cool new show that features guests in various exciting and creative careers – artists, writers, musicians, producers, tattoo artists, extreme sport athletes, gamers, etc. and talks about their different projects, creative methods, crazy stories and all else.

Check out some HWMP info and listen to episodes here:—David-Johnson-ejim3k?fbclid=IwAR2yM1RtUmRd3Ex5fI1RX5e7cKuHxuQwo24mn2oeEPFP65ZiEsm0fxgyo4E

And the Hanging With Monster Facebook page here:

Little promo art for the Hanging With Monster Podcast episode, Sept 20.

That’s it for now, folks. The official release of this little book draws near…


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