Artwork and Chapter List Revealed!

The manuscript for (Not) Just Another Ballgame is in the can, and the final editing process is underway.

We’re shooting for an early spring release, which is obviously just around the corner!

Designer Molly Errek once again delivers stunning cover art, which can be seen right here:

Official cover art

(Not) Just Another Ballgame, edited by Denise Baran-Unland and featuring a foreword by longtime SABR member, baseball historian and author Gary Livacari, is a collection of essays that highlight just a tiny few of baseball’s compelling moments from days long gone – with a couple more recent tales inside as well.

Here is the full chapter list:

  1. A Lucky Bounce or Three: Washington’s Wild World Series Win in 1924
  2. The AAGBBL Turns on the Lights at Wrigley Field
  3. The Greatest Game Babe Ruth Ever Pitched?
  4. The Brakeman Completes Another One
  5. A Perfect Game, Perfected
  6. The Clowning of Germany Schaefer
  7. The Mays Malaise
  8. Silence of the Bats: The 1917 White Sox Go Hitless Two Days In a Row
  9. The Great Zim, Cocky Collins, and one Daring Dash for the Dish
  10. Ruth’s Mysterious Gambit: The Final Out of the 1926 World Series
  11. Johnson vs. Williams: The Forgotten Duel of 1918
  12. The 1919 World Series: Did the White Sox Lose, or Did the Reds Win?
  13. Mathewson’s Monumental Marvel of 1905
  14. A Great Game Seven Finally Ends the Greatest Drought
  15. Field of Dreams: Is the Beloved Classic Really a Baseball Movie?

Official release info is on deck!


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