(Not) Just Another Production Update and Other Random Adaptable Nonsense

Hi. Hello. Greetings. ‘Sup.

First, a quick update on the release of (Not) Just Another Ballgame.

Production got underway a few weeks ago, but upon receiving the proof copy (always exciting for various reasons), a bit of a snafu reared it’s ugly head. We ran into some unexpected technical glitches post-upload, and have been working to resolve the issue. It’s about 99.7% ready, but sadly my original hope for a May 1st release has been dashed.

But that’s okay. It’ll be out very soon, and I’m excited for everyone to read it. So stay tuned.

Last weekend I was a guest for the second time on the Hanging With Monster Podcast. We had a blast with this episode, talking about the new book, the next book after this one, my creative process, love of baseball, next projects and all manner of other things. The episode will be available to stream soon.

Now on to other odd stuff…

Realizations are a funny thing.

One evening earlier this week, I saved the article I was working on for a client and stepped outside on the balcony. Or is it a terrace? Is “terrace” just another word for “balcony?” I feel I should know that. Whatever it is, I have one, and I stepped out on it.

It was a warm spring evening; calm and comfortable. To my right, the citrusy glow from the setting sun reflected off the building next door. Below, a group of elderly folk sat at picnic tables on their newly refurnished patio, chatting the waning daylight away. The Cubs game droned on the TV in the living room. They were not so warm, though. Ice cold, in fact. But that’s another scary story.

Looking around, I realized I’d seen this view before.

Just over a year ago, right when the pandemic kicked into overdrive and I was laid off from my fulltime job, I took this view in. It was time for a change. So, like any other creative, I pivoted to other things, explored other avenues, and get other shit done. I stood out on the terrace, balcony, whatever, that day and looked around. The trees had just begun to blossom with their annual leaves and the spring air felt good. Later, I watched those leaves change color, wilt, and plummet to the ground. Snow and ice began to temporarily set up shop in those trees until they started to blossom again. Now, here we are today. Full circle, right back to where things were a year ago.

But are they really the same?

Like Uncle Lewis gratefully confirming that Aunt Bethany did not break wind, hell no!

Compared to last spring, there is a burgeoning sense of normalcy out there again…sort of. A year ago at this time, everyone felt the grip of growing uncertainty and panic. Today, with more businesses and venues reopening, and live sports and music once again thankfully becoming a reality, things are moving in the right direction. Of course there are myriad problems everywhere, but its still different from how things were just twelve months back.

As I realize that, it sort of confirms that nothing is ever set in stone, and it’s important to be adaptable to changes, because they happen constantly. I’m also bewildered at how fast this past year has gone.

Yes, time flies and all that. But the usual pace of life shifted right up to something like the seldom-used “ludicrous speed” setting of Spaceball One. When I reflect on the fact that I’m about to release my second book in eight months, along with writing for dozens of new clients, working with different people, and constantly adding other exciting projects to the mix, I feel like I’ve gone to plaid myself.

Where am I going with this stream-of-consciousness stuff? No idea…pivoting again.

Is there a point to this? Not really, but maybe that is the point.

So why did I write about it? It’s what I do.

(Not) Just Another Ballgame will be available soon.


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2 thoughts on “(Not) Just Another Production Update and Other Random Adaptable Nonsense

  1. We look forward to your new book whenever it appears! Sounds great. If you ever figure out the difference between balcony and terrace let me know. 🙂 Great comic writing here. Plus, loved the “gone to plaid” reference. I have not hear that in years. (It is STILL funny). Best of luck with the new book, and great post.


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