About Me

Writer. Idealist. Lover of baseball, vinyl records and reading books. (Yes, actual, page turning books with covers and everything!)

Storytelling in one form or another has always been a big part of my life. From the young age of four when I would often entertain classmates and parents with grand, off-the-cuff tales, to writing for various school newspapers during my scholastic career. By day I work as a content manager for a flooring company – writing all day, every day. Outside of that, for the past several years I’ve enjoyed the mix of researching and writing about baseball history, and producing historical features and columns for various newspapers and magazines. Short fiction has dotted my writing landscape as well.

Writing has long been a passionate and worthwhile endeavor. It gives me great joy to take a subject or an idea and mold it into words that people can understand, relate to, or be entertained by.

Creating is worthy.

Thanks for visiting!