BSL – One Month In

Today is a mini-milestone. Partly, it’s one of sadness as today marks the 49th anniversary the great Duane Allman’s tragic passing. In another context, it’s not even a mini pebble really, but today also marks exactly one month since the release of Beyond Silence and Light. And a whirlwind of a month it has been.Continue reading “BSL – One Month In”

Production Update, Hanging With Monster and Other Tidbits

Inching closer! I returned from an errand last Friday to see a package tucked behind my front door. Inside was the first proof copy of Beyond Silence and Light. Although not an official version – yet – I must admit it was still pretty cool to see a tangible result of the project, even ifContinue reading “Production Update, Hanging With Monster and Other Tidbits”

Cover Art Revealed!

Well, as of today, the manuscript and all the notes (foreword, acknowledgements, et. al.) for Beyond Silence and Light have been locked and submitted! Heeerreee weee gooo! The final formatting and production details are under way and the little music-less album will be unveiled to the world soon. Speaking of which, I’m excited to showContinue reading “Cover Art Revealed!”