New Project Announcement!

Greetings! Whew, where have the last however many months evaporated to? Between two – at times three – jobs and some family commitments, there has been little time for other things. That being said, I am excited to announce that a new book project is finally underway! Like my debut, Beyond Silence and Light, thisContinue reading “New Project Announcement!”

Release Day!

Well that kind of snuck up on me. I received the email notification early this morning that the paperback version of (Not) Just Another Ballgame is now available! (Kindle version will be available soon.) Big thanks to Gary Livacari, Molly Errek, Denise Baran-Unland and Rebekah Baran, and Todd Calcaterra for helping to get this offContinue reading “Release Day!”

(Not) Just Another Production Update and Other Random Adaptable Nonsense

Hi. Hello. Greetings. ‘Sup. First, a quick update on the release of (Not) Just Another Ballgame. Production got underway a few weeks ago, but upon receiving the proof copy (always exciting for various reasons), a bit of a snafu reared it’s ugly head. We ran into some unexpected technical glitches post-upload, and have been workingContinue reading “(Not) Just Another Production Update and Other Random Adaptable Nonsense”

Artwork and Chapter List Revealed!

The manuscript for (Not) Just Another Ballgame is in the can, and the final editing process is underway. We’re shooting for an early spring release, which is obviously just around the corner! Designer Molly Errek once again delivers stunning cover art, which can be seen right here: (Not) Just Another Ballgame, edited by Denise Baran-UnlandContinue reading “Artwork and Chapter List Revealed!”

New Book Announcement!

Excited to announce a compilation of stories from baseball’s olden days, coming in spring 2021! This collection focuses mostly on the Deadball Era of America’s pastime, but will include some more modern tales sprinkled in for fun. As you stroll down hardball memory lane in this book, you’ll discover some fun bits of info suchContinue reading “New Book Announcement!”

BSL – One Month In

Today is a mini-milestone. Partly, it’s one of sadness as today marks the 49th anniversary the great Duane Allman’s tragic passing. In another context, it’s not even a mini pebble really, but today also marks exactly one month since the release of Beyond Silence and Light. And a whirlwind of a month it has been.Continue reading “BSL – One Month In”

Final Stretch…

Just a quick update today… A few necessary tweaks were made, and the second (and hopefully final) proof copy is on it’s way to me. Once that looks good, Beyond Silence and Light will see the, um, light, of day. We’re shooting for an official release date the week of 9/28/20, and possibly sooner ifContinue reading “Final Stretch…”

Cover Art Revealed!

Well, as of today, the manuscript and all the notes (foreword, acknowledgements, et. al.) for Beyond Silence and Light have been locked and submitted! Heeerreee weee gooo! The final formatting and production details are under way and the little music-less album will be unveiled to the world soon. Speaking of which, I’m excited to showContinue reading “Cover Art Revealed!”